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The interactive Story of Us software program allows users to explore the history and geography of the area using 21st Century technology. Open the A-Z themes to learn about the people, places and events that make our region unique.

While the Museum is continually working to add new themes to expand our understanding of the past and present – we know that each of you have important and unique stories about the Pikes Peak Region as well.

So, how do you fit in? What stories, objects, photographs and/or videos do you have to share? We would love to see you in the Story of Us! Accepted submissions will be placed on the map in a pre-existing theme or in Y = You, whichever location is most suitable.

Please fill out the submission form below, taking special note of technical requirements, project stipulations and copyright permissions. Once complete, sign the form electronically and click to submit. You will be notified after your Story of Us contribution is reviewed and accepted by our project team.

Let’s Get Started! In order for your submission to be accepted, please make sure your story and objects relate to the history and geography of the Pikes Peak Region. Additionally, it is very important to include as much accurate information regarding your story as possible. Unfortunately, we cannot accept submissions without your contact information and signature. Thanks so much –we look forward to seeing you in the Story of Us!

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